DPRB Can Help Your Business Implement Workflow Computing

In most businesses, staff (both in HQ and branches) work now in a collaborative manner, but this involves much repetitive data entry into separate computer systems, and person-to-person electronic mail, fax and telephone calls. Significant time is spent in manual activities that computer systems could do, thus freeing staff time for thinking and planning. A system that supports this collaborative activity in an efficient manner would be a workflow computing system.

Workflow computing is AUTOMATING THE TRANSFER OF INFORMATION TO SUPPORT THE FLOW OF WORK. The goal is to create a "just-in-time information" computer system which parallels the organisation's work process. This contrasts with the automation of single, isolated tasks. Workflow computing must involve the integration of a database approach with electronic mail. Integration of operating text (text that can be tied to business operations) and data with mail enabling is the key to an effective workflow application. Mail enabling means that business events should tell people that they have occurred, and, where possible, facilitate the action to be taken next by avoiding repeat data entry.

DPRB can help you transform your computing systems into "workflow" computer systems that manage both data and operating text.


  • How Workflow Computing Can be Implemented using Verity, Inc.'s TOPIC software TOPIC and Workflow

  • Verity, Inc. - http://www.autonomy.com/ - (Verity was acquired by Autonomy on 12/31/05)



If you would like more information please e-mail DPRB at dprb@openix.com

  • Other useful company sites are:

- Applix

- Hyperion

- Autonomy, Inc.

- MicroStrategy, Inc.

- Isys

In addition to Verity's TOPIC agent, the real time document retrieval agents of Autonomy or Isys can also be used. I have focused on Verity, since that is where my implementation experience is.


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Last modified February 14, 2006